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Parallel Runtime Library

Parallel Runtime Library is optimized library that provide easy to use Parallelism for High Performance Computing.

Parallel Runtime Library provide:

  • Effective Concurrent Enabled/Free Lock Data Structure.
  • Effective and Simple Parallelism Runtime.
  • Support the main parallelism programming model.
  • Open source and free.

Effective Concurrent Enabled/Lock-Free Data Structure:

Effective Concurrent Enabled Data Structure is collections designed to support safe concurrent access without locks. We called it Lock-Free Data Structure. The Parallel Runtime Library will include:
  • Concurrent Bag
  • Queue
  • Stack
  • Linked List
  • List
  • Public Provide List
  • Hash Table (Directory)
  • Blocked Collection (Producer / Consumer)

Soon I will write more detail about all those.

Effective Parallelism Runtime.

PRL content a effective Parallel Runtime that provide the core parallel features. PRL will use effective scheduler based on enhanced Work Stealing algorithm. PRL not optimized for Waiting/Blocking based tasks such as: Database call, Web Service calls, Enterprise application, PRL optimized for High Performance Computing that based on processing Not-blocked/Waiting tasks, Such as: Computing Intensive tasks, and heavy Data Processing tasks.

Kngine (Knowledge Engine ) Web search engine use Parallel Runtime Library.

Support the main parallelism programming model

PRL will support main parallelism programming model like :
  • Task Parallel
  • Data Parallel
  • Producer / Consumer Model.
  • Shared Nothing Architecture
Also PRL provide light Data Parallel via High Performance Dispatcher.

The project is open source and it's free. so you can start learn how the parallelism and scheduling algorithm works. :)

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